Raiffeisen Bank, Delivery Director / Platform Owner

Artem Ternov

About speaker:
Artem Ternov - is an experienced fintech specialist with many years of experience in various business lines, such as automotive, insurance, fintech and banking.

He began his career in 2011 at “TRIOL-AUTO” as a System Administrator, where he gained his first experience in the automotive industry.

Today, Artem holds the position of Platform Owner and Delivery Director in the Data and Loans Divisionat Raiffeisen Bank. His main task in this position is to build and implement a platform and products aimed at achieving the bank's strategic goals. He is actively involved in the transformation of banking processes based on data, implementing modern approaches to their management.

In the field of Big Data, Artem Ternov is the founder and owner of the DRaif platform, which combines the capabilities of data collection, processing and analysis, allowing to generate innovative products based on them. Currently, the platform has data from all major sources of the bank, on which 70 client teams build various data products.

In 2021, Ternov joined the Raiffeisen Bank team to implement DataOps practices and develop a platform aimed at solving the bank's current challenges. His task was to create an effective tool that allows for the transition from outdated systems to modern methodologies, while enabling the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze data and generate results. Thus, focusing efforts on increasing efficiency and cost savings in the organization.