Datuum.ai, Co-founder & CEO

Leonid Nekhymchuk

About speaker:
Leonid Nekhymchuk is a co-founder & CEO at Datuum.ai. He has spent the last 20 years building SaaS platforms, implementing analytics solutions for over 300 US clients, and building scalable engineering teams. Last 9 years he served as CTO at VisiQuate — SaaS Analytiсs platform company.

Presentation topic:
LLMs and No-code, how to simplify data operations with AI (UA)

More about presentation:
• LLM - the biggest technology breakthrough? Separating real life applications and what can go wrong

• LLM - how LLMs can help with Data Integration (real-life examples)

• Using LLMs in B2B corporate environment - how to use LLMs with proprietary data

• LLM and No-Code the match made in heaven