Talents on AI Foundation, Co-founder

Stanislav Podyachev

About speaker:
Co-founder of Talents on AI Foundation and blackbox.ua. 

Presentation topic:
AI Agents as Role-Playing Business Modeling Tools (UA)

More about presentation:
The next ten years will be a time of rapid development of generative artificial intelligence. It has already become a technological revolution, similar to the launch of ATMs, the birth of the Internet, the appearance of smartphones or electric cars. AI Agents can simulate philosophers and figures of the past, they are unbiased and noncommittal. Like tin soldiers, they can stimulate a person's imagination and help gain insights.

The integration of Generative AI is a powerful tool for simulating diverse business scenarios within the context of role-playing. By attracting Generative AI, organizations can harness its capabilities to collaboratively devise solutions tailored to specific challenges, drawing upon unique datasets and customer insights. This innovative approach not only addresses complex issues but also enhances internal communication within teams. Additionally, the utilization of Generative AI accelerates research and development processes, thereby mitigating time and cost constraints associated with the introduction of new products to the market.